AMOS is distinguished from other community-based organizations in its commitment to the IRON RULE: “NEVER DO FOR OTHERS WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR THEMSELVES.” AMOS believes in the inherent dignity of each person, and the iron rule affirms this dignity, believing in every person’s ability to act. AMOS seeks to channel individual action into a responsible and powerfully-organized force for the common good. Through face-to-face, one-on-one meetings, AMOS members build relationships with members of their communities. In the process, they cut through divisions such as race, religion, and socioeconomic status, and discover the passions and concerns that unite us all.

AMOS pursues an agenda with multiple issues and responds to the concerns and pressures people feel. These concerns and pressures are identified through hundreds of small-group conversations, and are then explored in depth by investigative issue teams who research the facts and develop possible solutions to the problems.

AMOS then acts publicly, bringing the power of organized people to decision-makers to implement the AMOS agenda. Through this three-step process, hundreds of people re-enter public life and reclaim responsibility for their future here in central Iowa.

AMOS is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, the nation’s oldest and largest organizing network.