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11/4 9:00am -12:00pm Neighborhood Walks Trinity Las Americas United Methodist Church 1548 8th Street, Des Moines more info
11/13 5:30pm Ames Cluster Meeting TBD more info
11/14 5:30pm Des Moines Cluster Meeting TBD more info

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house circle talkNeighbor – to- Neighbor

 AMOS is building relational power to create a community where all can succeed. For over 20 years, AMOS institutions have used relational organizing practices to effectively engage in public life. Now, in these divided  and polarized political times, we are doubling down. This year, collectively, the 33 member institutions of AMOS  aim to engage 10,000 families in our congregations, non-profits, and neighborhoods through face-to-face conversations. Through these conversations, we will:

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